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I’m Robert Frawley, and for 20 years I’ve been representing clients the way they deserve to be represented – with dedication and personalized attention.

As a Full Service Law Firm, I maintain a low caseload so that every client can get the individualized attention they deserve. I know that clients don’t want to feel like their case is just another “file”.

We understand that in some cases, clients cannot come to our office. In these situations, we can make appointments to visit clients at their home or other desired location.

We want you to focus on getting better while we focus on getting you the full benefits to which you are entitled.

Low Contingent Fees

All clients are naturally concerned about legal fees.  In Massachusetts, the fees that attorneys may charge for worker’s compensation matters are set by state statute.[1]  In general, where cases are settled with the insurance company, attorney fees range from 15% to 20%, depending upon the particular terms and conditions of the settlement.

If the insurance company does not settle and they lose in a hearing before the Department of Industrial Accidents, they may be liable for the full attorney’s fees that are due.  Similarly, if an injured employee is not successful in the initial proceedings but is successful on appeal, the court will order the insurance company to pay the reasonable attorney’s fees associated with the appeal, which will be in addition to the award made to the injured worker.[2]

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It is important to contact experienced workers compensation lawyer if you been hurt on the job in order to understand these benefits. Remember, your employer and their insurance company will have a vested interest in denying or minimizing benefits, including the cost of necessary medical treatment and rehabilitation. I and my firm will be your voice.

To get started, please call me or complete the contact form below and learn how you can put a full service workers compensation law firm to work for you.

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[2] See for more information.

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