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My car is damaged in a motor vehicle accident. What do I do next?

If your car has been damaged in a motor vehicle accident, the first thing to do is to report the accident to your own insurance company.

After the accident, who will pay for the damage to my motor vehicle?

After your motor vehicle accident, either your own automobile insurance or the automobile insurance of the other vehicle involved in this accident will pay for the damage depending on who is at fault in the accident.

If the other motor vehicle involved in this accident is determined to be at fault, file a claim against that insurance company for repairs to your car. Once that insurance company receives your claim, you will be advised to either bring your car into one of their repair facilities, or advised to see an auto repair location of your choice.

What happens if I am declared at fault in the motor vehicle accident?

If you are determine to be more than 50% at fault in the accident you would need to look at your own automobile insurance coverage for payments for damages to your car.

In order to have your car damage repaired by your own insurance, you need to have purchased collision coverage for your vehicle.

Collision coverage will pay for the damages to your own vehicle if your are at fault for the accident, however, the deductible (typically $500) will be subtracted from the repair payments and it will be your obligation to pay the $500 deductible to repair your vehicle.

What is limited collision coverage?

Limited collision coverage pays for the repairs for damage to your car, but you must be determined to be not more that 50% at fault in the accident and the owner of the other motor vehicle involved in the accident must be identify.

What if my personal property is damaged in the accident?

If your personal property is damaged in a motor vehicle accident, or if your personal property is stolen or damaged by a vandal, you may look to your own apartment renter’s insurance or home owner policy for possible coverage for any and all personal property in your motor vehicle at the time of the accident or if damaged or stolen by vandals.

What is comprehensive coverage on my vehicle?

Comprehensive automobile insurance coverage pays for damages to your automobile or loss of use of your car that comes as result of vandalism, theft, or fire to your vehicle or striking an animal while driving.

This coverage is not required by the state of Massachusetts, but it is highly recommended that you purchase this comprehensive automobile insurance coverage on any new, leased, or reasonable new motor vehicle, because if your vehicle is stolen, or damaged by fire, vandals or by striking an animal, you will have zero coverage for payment and will need to pay for the replacement of your vehicle or repairs to your vehicle out of your own pocket.

What is substitute transportation automobile insurance coverage?

This coverage reimburses you up to $15 a day for a rental car and/or transportation costs including, taxi, bus, and train fare while your car is undergoing repair due to an accident or theft

You are strongly encouraged to purchase substitute transportation coverage on your own vehicle if you will need transportation while your own vehicle is in a shop undergoing repairs.

What is towing and labor coverage?

Towing and labor coverage pays up to $50 for towing and labor charges each time your care breaks down whether or not there is an accident involved.

You are covered only for the onsite labor costs at the breakdown site (not any parts) needed it to get your car running aging.

If you belong to AAA, or to a motor club, you probably do not need this coverage since many motor club and AAA services include towing and labor.

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