What to Expect from a Full Service Law Firm

Our firm is a full service law firm.  Not only do we take on the legal aspects of representing a client, we also help where possible with matters such as filing claims against a client’s insurance company in vehicle accidents in order to seek any immediate benefits that may be due, and to working with the insurance companies and medical providers for our clients in efforts to coordinate benefits and insurance.

The specific ways that we assist injured clients will differ somewhat, in part depending upon whether their accident is work-related or not work-related.  Regardless of the nature of the claim, our goal is to take on the burden of helping clients through the litigation process so that they can focus on their lives and recovery.

Keeping Clients Fully Informed

We keep clients fully-informed of their matter throughout the process.  We are there when clients need us – including at night or on weekends, if necessary.  We can visit clients at their homes if they are unable to come to our office.  We make the time to take client calls and answer questions.  We know that if you’ve been injured, you’ll have questions about your cases – we’ll be there for you when you need us.

Find out more about the level of representation we provide. Please call us for a free consultation and to learn about your options for recovery, and how we can help.  We are only compensated if we recover for you, so you will not need to pay us for any fees while we are litigating your case.

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