Worker’s Compensation Lawyer in Lawrence, Andover & Boston, MA

If you’ve been injured in a workplace accident in Massachusetts, you’re entitled to workmans compensation benefits, even if you were partly to blame for your accident. State law provides compensation for:

  • Top Rated Workmans Compensation Lawyer in Boston

  • Temporary & Permanent Total Disability

  • Partial Disability Attorney

  • Medical Expenses

  • Surviving Spouses

  • Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Disfigurement

  • Permanent Loss of Function

  • Lump Sum Settlements

  • Employer’s Willful Misconduct

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How Much Money and Benefits Am I Entitled To?

If you’ve been injured, it’s important to get the compensation and benefits to which you are entitled as soon as possible. I know that you have bills to pay, and possibly loved ones to support. My focus as your attorney is on expediting the process as much as possible and to getting you full compensation.

In Massachusetts, worker’s compensation claims are administered through the Department of Industrial Accidents through a process that consists of both informal and formal hearings. The employer’s insurance company will be represented by one or more attorneys at all stages. The insurance company will have a vested interest in seeking to deny or minimize your benefits, as the less money that they pay to you or for your care, the more money that they keep. They are particularly litigious in soft tissue injury claims, and engage in various tactics to minimize their liability.

Don’t Go It Alone – I Can Help

If you’ve been injured, you need someone on your side to fight against insurance company lawyers. Someone who knows the law, and the benefits to which you are entitled. Someone with years of experience in seeking full and fair compensation for clients. There is too much at stake to try to go it alone without experienced legal counsel.

In two decades of legal practice I have helped hundreds of workers get full compensation for their injuries. I know what it takes to convince administrative judges to rule in favor of clients. I work on a contingency fee in accordance with state law, so it does not cost more to get a highly experienced Boston worker’s compensation lawyer.

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