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I have slipped and fallen in a store or business. What do I do next?

If you have slipped and fallen in a store or in a private residence, the first thing to do is to report the accident to the store or property owner and ask that they promptly report the incident to their liability insurance company.

After this slip and fall, who will pay for my medical bills?

Most stores and private businesses carry what is called Medical Payments Coverage which pays for the medical bills of individuals injured on their property.

Some businesses carry Limited Medical Payments Coverage of a $1,000.00 or 5,000.00.

What if my medical bills are more than the medical payments coverage?

If your medical bills exceed the medical payments coverage for the location were you fell, the outstanding medical bills would either be paid through your own private health insurance or through an injury claim filed against the location were you fell.

Should I contact an attorney if I slipped and fell in a private business ?

If you believe the store is negligent and the cause of your slip and fall accident, your should definitely contact an experienced attorney to represent you in your slip and fall claim.

When you contact my office, it is important that you keep in mind that there are no upfront costs for me to represent you in your claim.

What would attorney Frawley due to represent me in this claim ?
Once I am representing you for this slip and fall accident, I will send a letter of representation to the business were you fell advising them that I am your attorney and that a copy of my letter should be forwarded to their liability insurance company.

Once my letter of representation is forwarded to the liability insurance company, a claim will be established and a liability insurance adjuster will be assigned to the claim.

What is business invitee liability?

The concept of business invitee liability holds that the owner of a property open to the public owns a duty to the public to inspect the property and make sure that it is reasonably safe for the public to enter the property and that there are no defects that a reasonable person would be aware of that could cause a member of the public to slip, fall or trip on the property.

Under the standard of business invitee liability, the property owner not only has a duty to create a non dangerous premises, he also has a duty to reasonably inspect for, discover, and correct unknown hazards in those areas of the premises to which a member of the public (the business invitee) may have access to.

By way of example, it may be reasonable to expect a business owner to conduct regular inspections, maintain and clean stairways in the property and make sure they are safe for the public use.

Would attorney Frawley settle my slip and fall case?

Once you have completed your medical treatment for injuries sustained in this slip and fall accident, my office will collect all of your medical records and bills and submit a demand for settlement to the insurance adjuster handling your claim.

At this time, I will negotiate a settlement with the insurance adjuster for the absolute highest amount of money to settle your claim and pay your medical bills.

What if attorney Frawley’s is unable to settle my case voluntarily ?

If for any reason Attorney Frawley is unable to voluntarily settle your slip and fall case, a law suit will be filed and the case will be decided by a jury or judge in a court convenient to your home.

Its important to keep in mind that in almost all cases, Attorney Frawley is able to obtain successful settlements in your case either with the insurance adjuster or by taking your case to court.

If you have any question relating to slip and fall accident please call my office at 617-523-2929, and we will be happy to discuss your case with you for no cost.

It is very important that you keep in mind that there are no up front expenses charged to you to discuss with me or hiring me to represent you in your slip and fall claim.

You can hire me by calling my office at 617-523-2929, going to my website at, or emailing me at [email protected].

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